FAQ Questions

Below you can see our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about our site

They are sites that provide social media services in general to help improve accounts and others..

Our site provides various services, such as likes, views, followers, etc

Yes, purchasing our services is completely safe, and do not be afraid because your social media account will never be banned

The word refill means that in the event of a decrease in the number of the service we will send you a number again free of charge for 30 days for example, or according to the refill of the service. After this period, we will not refill you with a new number, and then the number will be proven or something simple will be missing

Yes, definitely! To learn more about how to get a discount, visit the "Get a discount" section inside the site

⭐ This figure means that the service is working well and is very popular with customers

#️⃣ This figure means that there is more than one server for this service in case the service stops working